Jessica Simpson Front Runner For X Factor

March 3, 20112 Comments

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After watching the success of Jennifer Lopez on American Idol, Simon Cowell has decided he needs his own pop darling to sit on the panel. His choice at this point: Jessica Simpson.

I guess it makes sense. She isn’t doing anything. Nobody is going to be paying any attention to her. Idol survived 7 seasons with the poster girl for anxiety/depression medication abuse on their panel. I guess a sober Jessica Simpson is better than a girl with holes the size of tomatoes in her brain right?

While nothing is set in stone, here is what a source said about the decision:

There [are] loads of conversations happening at the moment,” the source tells the magazine. “No one has been offered a judging role yet as new names keep coming forward who want the role, but there are some front-runners, and it’s fair to say Jessica is one of them. She’s very keen.

Well of course she’s keen. What the hell else does she have going on at the moment other than people focusing more on her weight than Oprah‘s.

I still say bring back Paula just for the sheer hilarity of the whole thing. Aren’t these shows basically a joke at this point anyway?

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2 comments to “Jessica Simpson Front Runner For X Factor”

  1. iLuLuOnline | March 3, 2011 | Permalink Reply

    hey at least she can sing…which is more than I can say for JLO

  2. Marianne | March 5, 2011 | Permalink Reply

    Since when can Jessica Simpson sing?

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