Kevin Smith’s Complete Meltdown At Sundance

January 29, 2011No Comments

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So first, a little backstory.  Kevin Smith made a movie called Red State.  He premiered the movie at Sundance in front of about 1200 people.  The people were told that after the film, he would be auctioning off the rights. This never happened and as a joke he won the “auction” for $20.

He then broke into a 25 minute or so rant about how fucked up the movie distribution system is and announced his own plans to distribute the movie to the general public.  Basically, the movie cost $4 million to make and Smith didn’t see the point in spending $20 million to market it.

“Selling my film would be like having a baby and then selling it to somebody else to raise,” Smith said. Smith then announced that he would auction the film off, but said “I can’t speak for the movie by myself, I’m not the only one. I’m just the writer/director. I would like John Gordon to come up here real quick.” Producer John Gordon took the stage, announced the beginning of the auction, and Smith bid $20, at which point Gordon declared it “Sold!”

So that being said, here is the entire rant. It’s long but he makes some valid points. Kevin Smith has always struck me as a pretty smart dude…even though he peaked with Chasing Amy and his latest movies have been shit.

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