Kim Kardashian Premiers Single. It’s Worse Than Imagined

March 2, 2011No Comments

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Kim Kardashian debuted her single, Jam, on KIIS FM with Ryan Seacrest this morning. It’s basically exactly what I was expecting. It’s auto tuned to shit, it’s emotionless, it’s boring, pointless, useless and just a fucking mess.

See, celebrities can release songs. For example, Paris Hilton released a single a few years back. It was horrible. BUT it was a guilty pleasure. It was kind of catchy and you could find it stuck in your head after hearing it on the radio and possibly singing it in the shower.

Jam, on the other hand, is less catchy than church organ music. Kim should really stick to what she knows. Sucking black cocks on camera and posing, ass out, at the opening of a Rite Aid because, if you dangle a check, Kim will come running like a dog in heat.

*dangles 50 bucks.
Kim crashes through the front window, salavating.

Dance my Armenian monkey….dance.

Here is the shit show if you’re interested.

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