Oprah Is Not Winning

March 4, 2011No Comments

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Unlike Charlie Sheen, it appears that not everything Oprah sets her tentacles on turns to gold. Word is leaking our that her new network, OWN, which launches on January 1 2011, is a huge ratings failure.

The New York Times reports:

Oprah Winfrey is finding out just how hard it is to build an out-of-the-way channel into a television destination.

OWN, her two-month-old channel, is attracting fewer viewers than the obscure channel it replaced, Discovery Health. At any given time this month, there have been about 135,000 people watching OWN, according to the Nielsen Company, and only about 45,000 of those people are women ages 25 to 54, the demographic that the channel is focusing on.

Those ratings levels, down about 10 percent from Discovery Health’s levels last year, are being carefully watched by people who would like to rebuild cable channels around other celebrities, and by investors who worry that OWN is a drag on Discovery’s stock.

I mean if you’ve checked out the channel, it’s basically crap. It’s like one long Oprah Winfrey Show with nothing new or interesting to offer. She just assumed that her name would be enough and it’s turning out that people just don’t care.

I think that somehow, Oprah will be financially ok and might just have to hold off from buying a new Bentley or putting in that second helipad this year at her compound.

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